Our Rights

Alongside facing the medical challenges, the persistent struggle to realize our rights takes up a significant part of a heart patient’s daily life.

On this page you will find concentrated information regarding the relevant agencies and institutions, contact information, a detailed list of your rights, official forms, and tips to realize your rights. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, please let us know. We’ll be glad to help you, and also update our information for the benefit of other heart patients and their families.

A person who has been diagnosed with any sort of heart malady, may contact the Institute of National Insurance (“Bituach Leumi”) to see if they are eligible for a general disability pension.

In order to file an orderly claim, it is best to prepare the documentation beforehand, including all diagnoses, or digital files of these documents, in order to file online.

In addition, it is possible to file a claim for a special services pension, and to receive additional information regarding the eligibility criteria for disability pensions for heart patients.

A heart patient or heart transplant recipient is entitled to special rights from the income tax authorities due to their medical disability.

The guide to tax rights for people with medical disabilities can be found through the GOV tax authority website. In addition, it is also possible to fill a form requesting an exemption from income tax.

Those receiving disability pensions are exempt from a variety of payments at the sick funds, which can provide you with the full list.

Various municipal authorities provide various discounts according to the Institute of National Insurance’s schedule of disability levels. In addition, municipal welfare departments offer aid in the case of very elderly and/or destitute. For inquiries, it is best to contact the welfare department in your municipality and attach the relevant documentation.

The Transport Ministry gives disabled parking tags and discounts on the vehicle licensing fee. in the case of a disability that includes severe mobility handicaps, and also if traveling without a private car may harm the applicant’s health.

All relevant details – criteria, relevant forms, and an online application form for a disabled parking permit, through the Transportation Ministry’s website.

External insurance providers, such as: Personal health insurance, pension fund insurance, and workplace insurance are all places it is advised to contact to find out about additional rights the disabled person may be entitled to.

Disabled persons purchasing a home to live in are entitled to a discount on the sales tax according to their disability level.